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Wild ride: Have Trump’s first 100 days been a success or a failure?

 The president’s “first 100 days have been just fine,” said Marc Thiessen in Trump’s greatest achievement is probably the nomination and confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, 49, to the Supreme Court. Every conservative 5-4 decision for the next 30 years should count as one of Trump’s first 100 days’ accomplishments. Trump has also withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, restarted work on the Keystone XL pipeline, and, crucially, “restored our credibility on the world stage” with his swift military response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. On border security, said Byron York in, Trump’s executive actions have dramatically reduced illegal immigration, with apprehensions at the Mexican border down a whopping 64 percent from last year. “That is a solid success by any measure.”

 Trump may not yet have done very much, said Ben Casselman in, “but he’s done a lot of undoing.” Trump, his Cabinet appointees, and congressional Republicans have been hard at work dismantling President Obama’s legacy wherever they can, and have “delayed, suspended, or reversed dozens of Obama-era rules” on banking, the environment, firearms purchases, and dozens of other issues. Trump’s supporters are more than happy with his performance so far, said Salena Zito in, with only 2 percent of those who voted for him saying they regret their vote. “To them, the president remains disruptive, unconventional, defiant, and willing to change his mind.” They’ll give him time to deliver on his promises.

Why are critics focusing on Trump’s lack of positive achievements? asked Jeet Heer in In just 100 chaotic days, he has clumsily taken major steps toward his goal of “radically transforming America” into an ultranationalist country that “scorns
immigrants,” threatens and alienates allies, and embraces racism and xenophobia. Given the “lasting damage” he’s already done to America at home and abroad, Trump’s “first 100 days have been as consequential as those of any president in history.”
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