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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Fellowship of Three Rings, Were my precious mementos gone forever?

The Fellowship of Three Rings, Were my precious mementos gone forever?
Kavita Tuteja is a 42-year-old dental hygienist and therapist from Adelaide. She has three teenage children and enjoys reading, sketching, cooking and going for walks.

Three years ago I was rostered to work for a few weeks as a dental therapist in a new dental clinic at Victor Harbor, to the south of Adelaide and an hour further away than my usual workplace. My first day there was a rush driving to a new and unfamiliar clinic and getting acclimatised to the different protocols and clinical environment.

In my agitation, and feeling a little unfamiliar in the new setting, I removed my three rings: my wedding ring, a ring that belonged to my mother and one that was an anniversary gift from my husband. I wrapped them in a tissue and placed them beside my computer.

During my lunch break, I noticed the crumpled-up tissue and thought that it did not look very neat and tossed it into the rubbish bin. I went about my duties and my day proceeded well; I met new patients and felt that I had been productive and efficient.

Driving home at the end of the day, just moments before I reached my house, I noticed that I was missing my rings. I felt the heat in my body rise, my cheeks burning red. I went inside and tried to calm down. I felt sick to my stomach and I had that sinking feeling in my heart.

I spent an hour or so making calls, trying to trace my rings.

The first people I called were my manager and clinical leader and they gave me a few contact numbers for cleaners. I got in touch with a lady who managed the cleaning services for the clinic, and she informed me that the bins had already been collected.

Heartbroken, I knew nothing could be done now. I had lost my wedding ring and one of my most treasured rings – my mother’s wedding ring.

After two or so hours, I was just coming to terms with what I had lost, when I received the most amazing phone call. Someone had gone through the bins and found all three of my rings! I was so grateful to the beautiful soul who took the trouble to go through the bins containing dental waste – which is not a pleasant task to find my rings.

I was rostered to work at that clinic the following week, so I bought chocolates with which to thank this wonderful person. Unfortunately I did not get to meet her as she was not at work that day.

BY: Kavita Tuteja

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